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Does it sometimes feel that you have no support?

Do you wish that the people in your life would change the way they act?

How about your boss... Do you feel that they are never happy with what you are doing?

Do you feel that you are struggling with past experiences, and you keep ruminating about them?

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? Not sleeping or feeling behind?

Therapy can help you free yourself from past pains and shift your thinking to gain a positive life outlook and confidence. Our individual therapy in Wayne, PA, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida will help you learn how to love people exactly how they are without the need for fixing or saving. You will learn how to resolve your problems on your own terms and regain your power and control. We are here to provide you with a non-judgmental, safe environment to deeply connect and collaboratively co-create practical solutions to what you are struggling with within your personal or professional life. The goal of our marriage counseling, couple’s therapy, or individual therapy is to provide you with the deepest level of relationship counseling so you can feel care and compassion that allows you to effectively overcome your trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Some clients may only need one or two sessions. They are being proactive or taking preventative measures to avoid future issues in their personal or professional relationships. Some clients may need to attend a session or two to decide if regular ongoing therapy is needed.